A Sense of Freedom and Pure Joy...

...That's what I get out of Stand Up Paddling.  Whether in protected waters, out in the ocean or in the lineup catching waves, whether digging hard, or cruising with my family, when I’m on the water

My mind goes clear.

I’m not thinking about my stresses or frustrations or the thousand other things that typically fly through my mind throughout the day. I am fully in the moment.  The feel of resistance and engagement between my body, board and the water as I plant the blade and pull myself toward my catch powers my physical domain. My conscious mind focuses on my stroke like a mantra: Reach, Catch, Power, Recovery.

my awareness tunes into my surroundings.

The sun on my skin, the color of the water and sky, sea life gifting me with its presence, the sounds and sights of nature all mix with the symphony of wind, water and currents in constant and dynamic movement and along the way I become a part of it all, not just an observer.

The exercise becomes an afterthought.

This same level of passion and energy guided me to become a Certified Paddlefit Level 2 instructor and fuels the philosophy of my classes and coaching: To blend advanced techniques and skills with insight and purpose, to enhance your enjoyment of Stand Up Paddle Boarding for years to come.

Gathering Energy Fitness will help you achieve your goals...     No matter what they are.