Write your own story

Plant the Blade is my blog about all things Stand Up Paddle Boarding.   The focus is to share my experiences as I’ve been drawn more and more fully into integrating this passion for Stand Up into my life with the hope that it resonates with you in the various stages of your passion and experience with the sport.  From taking up the sport and buying that first board, to feeling a sense of calling to incorporate Stand Up more centrally in life, I’ll share my path, passion, insights and ramblings along the way as I strive to write my own story in life: To do what I love and to love what I do.   Because one thing I’ve learned is that your life’s story will be written whether you’re the author or just the protagonist. 

Much like the story of one's life unfolding under it's own direction, this blog as well, is the writing of my story as it unfolds along it's own path as I strive to create a life around Stand Up Paddlng.  I welcome you into my pages and my world and hope that there's connection within the river of it's flow.