ADVANCED technique

increase power, efficiency, endurance and confidence.

reduce the risk of injury.

improve turning skills, agility, and balance.



Small Group: 1-5 people - $50/hour/person

Semi-Private: 2 people - $75/hour/person

Private: 1 on 1: $100/hour

(All pricing will be structured at group rate regardless of class size unless private or semi-private is specified)


The hour long Advanced Technique classes are combination of land instruction and on water practice and exercises moving through proper technique progression and advanced level paddling skills, integrating proper form through each phase of the paddle stroke.

 Advanced drills, corrective cues and analysis designed to:

  • Eliminate bad habits
  • Develop endurance and efficiency
  • Build and engage core muscles and power
  • Reduce the risk of injury

Customized to your skill level, abilities and goals to dial in the proper form and help you achieve your paddling goals.

* Gathering Energy Fitness is not a rental business and does not supply rental equipmentWe're a small business focused primarily on Technique and Fitness Classes Instruction.  We can provide equipment for private lessons only. We do have partnership arrangements for equipment rental in some locations.